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    Expansive Bank Connectivity

    Kyriba provides the most options to connect to global banks. It has proven and established links to over 1000 global banks and is a SWIFT-certified application for cash management, including multiple ways to access SWIFT, other regional networks and direct connections.

    It provides the flexibility to enable you to be able to select the best way to connect to your banks based on your banking activity needs. Choose between ERP-initiated payments blind-routed directly to the bank, or dynamically routed payments with Kyriba adding further approvals, payments screening and bank format transformations. Other bank connectivity options include MT Concentrator, SWIFT Alliance Lite2, SWIFT Service Bureau, regional and country protocols and host-to-host connections.

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    Connectivity Management

    Kyriba offers a unique, proven, end-to-end SaaS solution that includes managed connectivity. This enables us to on-board your banks and thereafter continuously monitor those and any new connections. There are no further requirements for outside service bureaus, additional systems or third-party vendors — Kyriba takes care of everything.

    Did you know?

    Kyriba has customers that connect to as many as 1,092 banks globally and more than 95,400 bank accounts.


    Enabling Business Continuity

    Kyriba’s comprehensive solution and complete workflows – including connectivity – are also embedded in our disaster recovery capabilities. This means it is able to offer a single source of both treasury and connectivity disaster recovery services, which most other SaaS-based system providers outsource to third parties.

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